Thursday, June 04, 2009


i have the tendency to only rate songs i love. no, not the tendency, that's what i do all the time. so there i am, with many GBs of music either rated as 5 stars or not rated at all. how does this help my personal music management? you'll say it doesnt, but how does that help?!


Matei Tudor said...

There's never enough music! And I do the same regarding my music: it's either five or nill.
But it's great, if you think about it because having grey emotions sucks ass - black or white, live or die, chocolate or cherry flavoured ice cream.
Yeah, yeah, I know what you're going to say, weird internet guy tries to impress you by having something in common with you. Grow up! No, you grow up! No!

prestidigitator said...

I was going to say nothing like that. And I can't grow up really, cause I've reached 1.69m and I'm fine with it or I think I'm fine with it cause I know girls stop growing in height in their 20s. I might choose to grow in spiritual density. Now that's a wish to wish. :)

And I found another logical pattern - it makes sense to mark only the ones you love, cause then you know what you want to listen to. Why would you have a collection of songs rated as 2-3? You don't want to listen to those. Its the same with people. :)

Găseşti? :)

Matei Tudor said...

Yes, but then another question comes to mind. Why keep the 0 stars tracks on your hard drive? Why not have all 5 stars and delete the rest.
I personally hate the word 'utopically' - 'normality' should be the utopical one. So, if we were to continue working with your silogism, you should keep only the people that are worthy next to you, getting rid of the fucked up ones, which could lead into one of those unsatisfying phylosophical discussions about the meaning of life.
And I come to ask you this: shouldn't one treat each other like a brother or sister in spite of adversity, stereotypes, anger or hate? Shouldn't we set an example?

prestidigitator said...

No. No. No.
You keep the 0, 1, 2 and 3s for a very reasonable purpose: all in a bunch, you'll go through them and maybe find some fives. Later on, with your new and improved new self.
The only reason you keep the fucked up ones is cause later on, the fucked up ones might prove to be the utopian-normal great ones. Cause you know, you advance in life, you grow, you change, bla bla bla. :)

De ce nu-mi spui în română?

Matei Tudor said...

Because the blog is in English so I figured you have a wider audience. All but your cookie-description, which is in romanian. Don't want to get into this one, but I'm protesting - never speaking my own language until the people are better human beings.

My taste hasn't changed since highschool so, without regret, won't keep 2s and 3s - but I will however treat those with an admiration towards the creative process (people and music).

So you're changing like the wind? Today I like Gogol Bordello but tomorrow I may like pop music? Today I'm speaking to some people but tomorrow I may talk to some stupid people and gonna like it?