Tuesday, June 09, 2009

no rain, no pain

i like rain. i really like rain. i looooove ... spending time with rain. the only reason i came up with that title is because it rhymed. well not only, but this is of little importance.

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what i do not love is the weather in copenhagen. not because it rains, of course not, but because our interaction just got personal. it's like this: whatever you are expecting when you get out of the house in the morning will be the exact opposite of what will happen later during the day.
case 1: you think it will be warm - it will be cold
case 2: you think it will be cold - it will be warm

not done.
it's not this simple, cause then you could just always do the opposite of what you think, but it knows that and will do the opposite of that, and then if you want to double outsmart it and stick with your first option it will know that too, somehow, and in the end there's just no winning. oh, actually there is, sometimes, few times, it gives you the perfect weather at the perfect time, maybe even when you happen to be with the perfect people around and then you think dully to yourself that Copenhagen is beautiful.

see the irony?

i'm not going to miss constantly being wrong about the weather.

anachronistically, me